Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Polonium 210 as a murder weapon II

Following up the earlier posting, lets trace the movement of one of the accused.

On October 28th, Dmitry Kovtun, described as a "businessman" flew from Moscow to Hamburg and visited his ex-wife and children. On November 1st he flew from Hamburg to London for a series of meetings including one with Alexandr Litvenenko. Kovtun stayed with another businessman, Andrei Lugovoi, at the Parkes Hotel in Knightsbridge. Kovtun then flew back to Moscow.

Sure enough, traces of Po210 have been found wherever Kovtun has been. When entering Germany Kovtun signed an immigration document and traces of Po210 have been found on it. The car that picked Kovtun up from the airport is contaminated as is the apartment of his ex-wife and her partner, and both those adults and Kovtun's two children have been contaminated with Po210. Contamination was also found on the clothing of the ex-wife's partner and the ex-wife's mother.

Traces of Po210 have also been found at the Parkes Hotel where it appears to have contaminated Kovtun's hotel room and his room mate Lugovoi. Kovtun shared a meal with Litvenenko at the hotel and the Po210 has spread to the cutlery they used, and from there to the hotel staff. Po210 has also been found on two British Airways aircraft that have flown between Hamburg and London and Moscow and London.

After his meeting with Kovtun, Litvenenko visited the exiled businessman Boris Berezovsky and shared a meal at the Itsu sushi bar with Mario Scaramella. Berezovsky's office and two apartments have been contaminated, the Itsu sushi bar is contaminated and Scaramella is contaminated.