Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sculpture By The Sea 2012

For three weeks in October this public exhibition of sculpture draws half a million people.  Out of a city of four million, that's an extraordinary draw for an art exhibition.  The art works sit on the headland between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach.  At this time of year the weather is ideal for walking.

Parking at Bondi is not impossible, just very difficult and expensive.  Take the 380 or 381 bus from Bondi Junction Interchange.

We started with lunch at Bondi.  This town has world class restaurants but I'm stuffed if I know where they are.  Most of the eating places on Campbell Parade seem to cater for British backpackers recovering from a hangover.  My Caesar Salad consisted of shredded lettuce and six rashers of bacon.

Walk up Todd Avenue until you reach the Bondi Icebergs clubhouse.  Look back over their perfect outdoor pools over the most famous beach in the world.

Go ahead for about fifty metres and down the steps, and look over the first of the sculptures.

Looking ahead is the track around the headland.

Some humorous works along the cliff front.

 Climb up the truly horrible, steep, narrow stone steps here to reach Mark's Park atop Mackenzie Point for the larger exhibits.

With real estate prices in this area being what they are, it is well worth while knocking down a million-dollar house to put up a new one.

The track from Mackenzie's Point to Tamarama, past Mackenzie's Bay, hold smaller, more enigmatic works.

Not everyone appreciates the crowds walking along the normally quiet track, or edgy sculpture.  The small sign warns off trespassers, "especially Scuplture by the Sea".  The junk pile purports to be their entry.

Finally, the track takes you to Tamarama beach - Glamourama -  for large sculptures.

Down on the beach, there are some amazing installations with the emphasis on the satirical.

And there you are after three kilometres.  Take the 361 bus back to Bondi Junction.